Puppy love is in the air. What better way to celebrate than with a good game of bingo? Granted, exchanging cards and candy is the more traditional way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but a good game of bingo warms the heart.

Furthermore, bingo is a great classroom activity, guaranteed to win the hearts of students. They will be hanging on your every word. Who can resist the thrill of the chase?

To show my love for teachers, I’m giving you printable Valentine bingo cards for free. I have created 8 printable bingo cards, 4 to a sheet to save you paper. All you have to do is print them and cut them apart.  If you need more cards, you can make them with our online software.

Valentine's Biingo Card

Download Free Printable Valentine Bingo Cards

You can download all 8 Valentine bingo cards right here, right now.

The bingo cards are in one PDF file, 4 to a sheet. Most likely, your computer can already read and print PDF files, but if not you will need to download Adobe Reader. Just print, cut, and let the game begin.

I even have a page where you can create a call list too. Print it or read from the screen.

Create Custom Bingo Cards For Any Subject

After your heart has swelled with love while watching your students play Valentine bingo, you will probably want to play using other subjects.

Try the the free online trial of Bingo Card Creator or download the  Bingo Card Creator free trial software to your computer and you can make word bingo games about any subject you want.

Using Bingo Card Creator, you can create sets of unique bingo cards on any subject in just a few minutes. (The free trial will let you print out 15 cards, the registered version has no limit.)

If you want to create a customized Valentine word bingo with Bingo Card Creator, choose the Valentine word list from the Wizards -> Fun Activities -> Holidays menu.

How To Play Valentine Bingo

  1. Everyone marks off their free space in the middle of the card. You could use a pencil, coins, buttons, etc. for marking. But since it is Valentine’s Day, Sweet Tarts or Hershey’s Kisses would make excellent markers. Then everyone is a winner at the end of the game!
  2. You then call out one word from the card at a time.  You can cut one card up and draw the pieces from a hat or box. Or, you can generate a word list in random order, then print it or read it from your screen.
  3. When a player fills a row, column, or diagonal, they should stand up and shout “Bingo!” Have them read their words out loud. If you have called all their marked words, they win.