Are you trying to teach your students Spanish? French? German? Japanese? Or the International Language of Love? Do you struggle to find fun and interesting methods to keep your students engaged in learning whatever language you are trying to teach them? Does it break your heart to you see the boredom in their eyes and in their postureĀ  as they try to learn a new language using just rote memorization techniques?

I have the perfect remedy for your broken heart. In honor of Valentine’s Day and the International Language of Love, here is a bingo variation that is an excellent and fun way to learn a foreign language. The thrill of a great game of bingo will have your students sitting up with anticipation and put a sparkle back in their eyes.

Using the free online trial of Bingo Card Creator, print a set of Valentine-themed bingo cards. If you want to see what exactly what Bingo Card Creator does for you, download 8 free Valentine bingo cards to print and try out.

Valentine's Biingo Card

Once your cards are ready, and your students are anxiously waiting to start the game, tell them that there is a slight twist to this game of bingo. Now for the exciting part, inform them that you will be calling out the bingo words in whatever language you are teaching to them. To mark a square, the students will have to know the translation of the called word or phrase. They will be scrambling for their translation dictionaries!

You may need to call the words a little slower at first, but once they get a little practice, the bingo game will zip along. To add another layer of practice, after someone shouts “Bingo”, have them translate the words or phrases from their bingo card into whatever language you are teaching.